Health Products manufacturer

Health Products manufacturerNatural ingredients are widely used in health products area . And china is the native field of herbal medicine , Chinese people have used it for about 2500 years history . Many mountains and highland are widly spread in china ,thats let china grow many special herbals which can keep our health and help us to prevent treat the disease. Recently ,Chinese people have more scentific attitude to herbal medicine , we find out the herbal just has a part of it useful for our body , it is called active ingredients . We can extract it out , to treat disease , prevent disease ,and keep our health .

Such us Bitter almond extract Amygdalin ,soy extract Soy Isoflavones ,Rubescens Extract Oridonin Rabdosia ,paclitaxel ,Red clover extract isoflavones can make anti-cancer health products or drugs.

Grape Seed Extract OPC, Grape Skin Extract Resveratrol,sesame seed extract Sesamin,red ginseng   extract  Ginsenosides,Nettle polyphenols can make anti-oxidant health products or drugs.

Hops extract  have the funcation of anti-depressant. And so on . Please read more

All of them are extract from herbal, and it is 100% natural . So we believe god already give us the drugs when we have any disease, we just need to use it in a right way . That is herbal extract , natural ingredients power.

Food manufacturer

Food manufacturerOur rosemary acid is a kind of natural preservative , Luo Han Guo extract and stevia is a natural sweetener which has the function of control blood sugar . And Lutein , lycopene , curcumin yellow , gardenia blue ,gardenia yellow,chlorophyllin and Capsanthin are  extract from natural plant , it is a  kind of good natural pigment for food, and all of them are have good effective to our body,such as lutein is good for our eyes , curcumin has the function of anti-inflammatory, lycopene has antioxidant activity. All of them have investigated out that they don’t have any side effective to our body . So use natural ingredients to instead of a chemical composition will help your company to have high Competitiveness in the food area.

Personal Care Cosmetics manufacturer

Natural is deep in people’s minds ,cosmetics and personal care products which add the natural ingredients is  more popular by people .Many natural ingredients plays an important role in  cosmetics area. Such as lycopene can make lips , rosemary acid have the funcation of anti-oxidant , Aloe-emodin is good for dry skin , ursolic acid has the function of Whitening skin,Angelica Root Extract has the function of  Anti-Aging,Cornflower extract is good for oil skin , Hibiscus extract has the function of Anti-Itch,Soapnut Extract is a good natural ingredient for Shower Gel.All of them have the good effective of antibacterial,Environmental protection,Pollution-free,Bubble-rich,Remove dirt,Antibacterial beauty,Whitening freckle,Acne,Prevention and treatment of skin diseases.

Feed Manufactory and Farmer

Feed Manufactory and FarmerNatural ingredients will be more and more wildly used as feed additive too.

Lutein is a kind of animal pigment for eggs and salmon, Pink Plume poppy extract Sanguinarine Chelerythrine, Yucca extract and Allicin are a kind of good natural antibiotics, no residue. When humans eat the meat, it doesn’t have the toxic to humans. Aiye Leaf Extract Chlorogenic acid can promote animal growth, Scutellaria root Extract Scutellaria polysaccharide have the good function of Anti-inflammatory.

Individual nutritional supplements

Individual nutritional supplementsYou can buy some of our products as Individual nutritional supplements. Small quantity  can be accept too.