Lycopene is a kind of natural pigment extracted by plant tomatoes, it is in the nature of the plant one of the most powerful antioxidants.

Lycopene is mainly from the ripe tomatoes, tomato is one of nutritious food in daily life, people like. Lycopene as the essence of the tomato, it has a very large value, is also very beneficial for the body, so what is the effect of lycopene and function? What are the role and effect of lycopene?

The function of Lycopene

1, the therapy effect

The role of lycopene has the greatly strengthened. Taking lycopene, can increase the capacity for liquor; Drink before taking, therapy effect significantly, can reduce alcohol on the liver injury; While taking after drunk, can relieve symptoms such as headache, vomiting intoxication.

2, the radiation protection

Lycopene has the effect of radiation protection. It can effectively restrain and scavenging free radicals, reduce external radiation, ultraviolet radiation damage to the skin, reduce the skin and have stronger organization is the role of oxidative damage. So taking lycopene can effectively resist radiation outside, etc.

3, prevention of cardiovascular disease

Lycopene can prevent cardiovascular disease. Due to the role of the antioxidant lycopene, can prevent the oxidation of low density lipoprotein cholesterol, thereby reducing atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

4, prevent breast cancer

Lycopene can well protect the woman’s breasts, can promote the health of the female breast development, and to reduce the chance of developing breast cancer. So female friends secret can make a breast health.

5, improve male fertility

Lycopene can improve male fertility. Lycopene can eliminate free radicals in the prostate, protect the prostate tissue, reduce the risk of prostate, thus improve male fertility.

6, improve skin allergy

Lycopene can improve skin allergy, can eliminate dryness and itching caused by skin allergy skin feeling, feel relaxed and happy.

7, anti-aging

Lycopene has anti-aging effect. Lycopene can release electrons to neutralize free radicals, anti-aging effect. So female friends can try oh.

8, the prevention and inhibition of cancer

Lycopene can fight cancer. Studies have confirmed that lycopene to prevent prostate cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, the most effective for colon cancer, esophageal cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer also has good prevention effect, for the formation of swollen, can make it smaller, delay spread.

9, other function

Lycopene in addition to the above effect and function, also has prevent osteoporosis, lower blood pressure, reduce the movement of asthma and other physiological functions.

Above is small make up to introduce the effect of lycopene and role, everyone is more in love with it. Function and effect of lycopene, plays a very important role in life.

Lycopene can directly eat tomatoes, there are also many extraction of lycopene on market health care products, is a good choice for health care.

Warm prompt: lycopene itself has no side effects, suitable for long-term use. But it avoid contact with iron, copper ion, because the tomato red, known as the iron, copper ion of damage, can cause the loss of nutrition.