All about the Rosemary Extract!


The Rosemary plant is also known as the Rosmarinus officinalis. It is a perennial and a woody herb with evergreen, fragrant, needle-like leaves. Originated from the Mediterranean region, it also has a lot of purples, blue or pink flowers on it. Being a member of the Lamiaceae that is a mint family plant, has many other herbs in its family; it is also used in the medical field just like some of its other cousin herbs. Well, the rosemary herb also had a root system that is very fibrous.


Uses of the Rosemary Extract


The Rosemary is an herb that is used for many medical purposes. The oil of the plant is extricated from the leaf that is further utilized to develop medicines. Some of the main reasons why Rosemary is used is for the liver and gallbladder complaints, the intestinal gas that is also called flatulence, loss of appetite, and heartburn. It is also utilized for a headache, reducing memory loss that is age-related, cough, gout, and a high blood pressure.


The Rosemary extract is used by many out there, where even women tend to use it for abortions and to increase the menstrual flow. It also helps with baldness where is it topically applied on the skin to treat and even prevent hairlessness. Other than this, it is used widely for toothaches, joint or muscle pain just like the intercostal neuralgia, myalgia, and sciatica, treating circulation problems, and a skin condition that is named eczema.


In some places, a lot of people use it to get their wounds healed, or as an insect repellent and for the bath therapy that is also called the balneotherapy. In the manufacturing industry, the rosemary is famously used in perfumes and soap as a fragrant component. Another place it is used a lot in is the dishes, where it acts as a spice. The oil is usually used in the beverages while the oil and the leaf both are utilized in the cuisine.


How does the rosemary extract work?


There is nothing clear about how the extract works for the hair loss treatment. But when it is applied to the skin, the scalp’s skin gets irritated and it also increases the blood circulation.


The Rosemary Extract Effectiveness!


As mentioned above that the rosemary extract is used for abortion by some women, but there is no proof for this, and it might possibly be ineffective in causing an abortion. The other uses do work efficiently, but there is less evidence for it where it has completely cured some of the things as mentioned above. But there are a lot of benefits for many people out there, where a lot of the above mentioned diseases and symptoms gets cured as well.


The Rosemary Extract Side-Effects!


Till yet, the Rosemary extract is safe for those who consume it as a medicine that is either taken orally, inhaled as aromatherapy or even applied to the skin. Moreover, it is safe when it is taken in light amounts with food as well. But consuming the extract in large quantities can cause a lot of vomiting, kidney irritation, uterine bleeding, increased sun sensitivity, allergic reactions and skin redness. Moreover, it is highly unsafe to take in the undiluted oil orally.


Other special instructions for precautions are that pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the intake of the rosemary extract. There are possibilities that it might be highly unsafe. It can affect the uterus or stimulate the menstruation that would cause a miscarriage. There is nothing about the harm of it when applied to the skin for a pregnant lady, though it is safe to avoid it then. While breastfeeding, it also advised to stay away since there are chances that it might have an ill effect on the nursed infant.


Moreover, Rosemary extract has a chemical that is almost similar to the Aspirin and can cause allergies to those who are allergic to it. The name of the chemical is salicylate. Also, it can create the risk of bruising and bleeding in people who have bleeding disorders. Hence it should be used cautiously. If you are suffering from Seizure Disorders, it is better to avoid it since it makes the situation just more worse.


Dosage of the Rosemary Extract!


There is no appropriate dosage for in taking it, but it should be taken in moderate amounts as mentioned above. The recipe for the treatment of baldness is – 3 drops of rosemary extract, three drops of lavender, 3mL of Jojoba oil, 20mL of Grapeseed oil, two drops of thyme, and two drops of Cedarwood all mixed to make an essential oil. This mixture needs to massaged every night on the scalp, and a warm towel should be placed around the circumference of the head so that the absorption increases.


Where can you find the Rosemary Extract?


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