Purple corn in Peru and Argentina edible history for a long time, recently became the food of the rookie, attracted the attention of the global food and beverage market. According to the mintel global new product database (GNPD)plant extract , four 5 of the food and drinks containing purple corn in Peru for fruit juice drinks, for example, native Peru purple corn beverage Chicha – morada. The traditional drink is made from boiled purple corn and pineapple juice, cinnamon and plant extract clove spices.
Outside in Peru, purple corn is often used in food rather than a beverage. From November 2010 to October 2015, plant extract the global launch of the purple corn ingredients of food and beverage is nearly half snacks, which is given priority to with potato snacks and corn snacks. In spite of this, it is worth noting that one of the most important thing is that the purple corn consumption crowd is still small, only a handful of purple corn ingredients of the product into the market, plant extract including the popcorn, purple corn powder or purple corn extract.
Purple corn attract certain consumers
Considering the purple corn plant extract as a historical heritage or called heirloom varieties, the characteristics of its antioxidant is well known, purple corn or will attract consumers interested in natural ingredients. According to the mintel “chips and salsa and dipping sauce – the United States,” the report, nearly three 5 of the French fries or dip consumers said they prefer to buy natural ingredients of French fries/dipping sauce, plant extract more than half of the people said these products do not contain artificial ingredients and additives is one of the important criteria.
Although only a small part of the French fries or dip consumers think “function” snack is their value when buying fries a nutrition claims, plant extract but purple corn still attract consumers interested in natural ingredients.
Purple corn plant extract is used as natural pigment in Japan
Purple purple corn plant extract from a antioxidants – flower pigment glycosides. Japan before 2005, purple corn plant extract pigment used for jam, orange peel jelly 0.17%, baked goods 0.05% – 0.2%, pickled products 0.12%, 0.03% lactic acid beverage. Recent studies have found that purple corn antioxidants have health benefits. Interest in natural pigment continue to improve, especially in the United States, the company said it would remove its production of artificial ingredients in food and beverage. Most of the world of food and beverage products using purple corn is purple corn extract, accounted for 63%.
Overall, interest in local food more and more strong, and the recent interest in natural pigment is particularly high, representing the purple corn extract could usher in a new opportunity.