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Sorghum Extract

Products Name: Sorghum Extract
Specification:90%-95% Proanthocyanidins 10%-80% Polyphenol HPLC/UV
Appearance:brown-red fine powder
Efficacy: Cloring red

What is Sorghum Extract ?

Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] is known under a great many names: milo, guinea corn in West Africa, kafir corn in South Africa, dura in Sudan, mtama in eastern Africa, jowar in India and kaoliang in China. sorghum extract supplier 
Sorghum is an ancient cereal grain and was collected 8000 years ago in Southern Egypt, in a place called Nabta Playa. Sorghum was domesticated in Ethiopia and Sudan and from there moved throughout all of Africa, where it remains an important cereal grain. (That’s a picture of sorghum being grown in an Ethiopian field.) sorghum extract supplier ,sorghum extrct manufacturer, 

Plantnat is a most proffesional  global best sorghum extract manufacturer &supplier ,who focused on providing premium quality sorghum extract and uncompromising service. dry sorghum extract.sorghum extract supplement ,sorghum extract beer recipe, sorghum extract dht

Plantnat sorghum raw material planting base is load in the  JiLin province production of fresh red cell sorghum and black cell sorghum . Plannat company adopted the “company + farmers” model, signed with the  upstream planting base farmer contract, from Plantnat to farmers to provide quality sorghum cell and other raw materials and garden cultivation of advanced technology, in our company’s professional guidance Under the farmer is responsible for planting, harvest sorghum , the company according to the provisions of the acquisition of farmer production sorghum seeds.white sorghum extract
Through the “company + farmers” model, we ensure that the Plantnat sorghum raw materials, food safety, so that our production and processing more closely. Plantant strict requirements of farmers on the cultivation of sorghum, to ensure that the raw material of sorghum is no pesticide residues, pollution-free products. sorghum extract diabetes, sorghum extract uk , sorghum extract syrup 

Latin Name: Sorghum
Part Used: Seed
Test Mothod: UV/HPLC
Standard: GMP,Kosher,HALAL,ISO9001,HACCP.

Sorghum Extract Function and Application:

1.Nautal deep red food pigment used in meat products, sausagem, sausagem casings, barbecue and  so on  . malted sorghum extract. sorghum extract australia

sorghum extract2 pigment

2.Applicated in health products as the function of enhacing the immunity . sorghum extract beer recipe.

Sorghum Extract FEATURE:

1.brown red powder, smell sweet. Soluble in water, ethanol, water content of more than 40% of propylene glycol, methanol and salt solution.
Insoluble in oil, ether, n-hexane, chloroform, hexyl acetate and other non-polar solvents. sorghum extract dht

2.Aqueous solution was transparent reddish brown, 1% aqueous solution PH7.0-7.5. In the case of acid and alkaline can be enhanced reddish brown color.sorghum extract supplement

3. On the light, heat stability, and metal ions can form chromium salt (but can add trace amounts of sodium pyrophosphate, which can inhibit the impact of metal ions), strong dyeing. sorghum extract diabetes.  sorghum extract brewing


Sorghum Extract COA sorghum bran extract

sorghum extract COA

Our Factory sorghum bicolor extract

factory pic

producing process

Our lab:  sorghum bicolor leaf extract

our lab

2.Belonging to flavonoid, it has a clear function of being against
free radical and restrain the growing of cancer cells.
3.Strengthern blood vessel and intenerate blood vessel.

1> food,
5>an ideal colorant used in wine, drink, syrup, jam, ice cream, pastry and so on
6>To determine if a substance is an acid or a base by boiling it in water and using the water as a pH indicator.

1> The safest natural ingredients and solutions provided as well.
2> Plant and select the most natural and nutritional raw materials.
3> 27 researching stuff and 4 manufacturing sites
4> GMP quality management system during the whole production process
5> Produce flexibly for bulk order or a small batch
6> Quickest response and fastest delivery
7> Our products sell to 96500 customers and over 120 countries
8> Professional service from SCIPHAR team’s enthusiasm and vigorous

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