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Products Name:Rutin
Specification: EP/NF11/DAB Version with EDMF Available
Efficacy: Anti-inflammatory,antioxidant
Appearance: yellow or yellow-green Powder

Rutin also called rutoside, quercetin-3-O rutinoside and sophorin, is the glycoside between the flavonol quercetin and the disaccharide rutinose, is extracted from the buds of Sophora japonica L.
Molecular Formula :C27H30O16

Latin name: Sophora japonica L.
Part of the plant used: Flower
Product specifition: EP/NF11/DAB Version with EDMF Available

Rutin 2
Standard: GMP,Kosher,HALAL,ISO9001,HACCP.

1>Rutin has strong antioxidant properties. Rutin has also the property to chelate metal ions, such as iron, thereby reducing the Fenton reaction (production damaging oxygen radicals).
2>Rutin is important because it strengthens capillaries and can help people who bruise or bleed easily. Studies have demonstrated that rutin can help to stop venous edema, that is an early sign of chronic venous disease of the leg.
3>Rutin has anti-inflammatory effects. Animal studies have shown that rutin has preventive and healing effects.
4>There are indications that rutin can inhibit some cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions.
5> Rutin may help to prevent atherogenesis and reduce the cytotoxicity of oxidized LDL-cholesterol.


1>Applied in food field, it is a kind of ideal green food to reduce weight;
2> Applied in health product field, celery can stable mood and eliminate irritable;
3> Applied in pharmaceutical field, to treat rheumatism and gout has good effect.

Safety Concerns
Rutin is LIKELY SAFE when used in food amounts and POSSIBLY SAFE when used appropriately in medicinal amounts for a short period of time.

It can cause some side effects including headache, flushing, rashes, or stomach upset.
Dosage Information
The recommended daily dose of rutin supplements is two 500-mg capsules/tablets per day.
The Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for reference

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