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Magnolia Extract

Products Name: Magnolia Extract
CAS NO: 35354-74-6 HPLC
Specification: Honokiol 2-99%HPLC
Appearance: White Powder

Magnolia officinalis (commonly called houpu magnolia or magnolia-bark) is a species of Magnolia native to the
mountains and valleys of China at altitudes of 300–1500 m.
Magnolia offcinalis, a Chinese medicinal herb, has long been used for the relief of fever, headache, anxiety,
diarrhoea, stroke, and asthma. Magnolol, one of the compounds isolated from Magnolia offcinalis, acts on the
central nervous system, inhibits platelet coagulation and lymphocyte proliferation, and is an anti-inflammatory
agent and smooth muscle relaxant.
The bark contains magnolol and honokiol, two polyphenolic compounds that have been demonstrated as
peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR gamma) agonists and GABAA modulators. Preclinical
studies have evaluated their various potential applications including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitumor,
and antimicrobial properties.
Part: Bark
Latin Name: Semen: Magnolia officnalis
Active ingredient: Mahnolol, Honokiol
Common name: Magnolia Bark P.E.
Molecular formula: C18H18O2
Structure :
Magnolia Extract3
Standard: GMP,Kosher,HALAL,ISO9001,HACCP.
1. Powerful antioxidant in cardiovascular diseases.
2. Inhibit bacteria growth and viral infection.
3. Alleviate anxiety, improves sleep and relieves insomnia.
4. Anti-tumor and anti-cancer.
5. Anti-inflammatory and anti-canker.
6. Protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease.
7. Anti-dental caries and anti-periodontal disease.
8. Cure the habit of tobacco.

Honokiol and Magnolol 2%~98%
1> Functional food additive & health supplement
2> Pharmaceuticals
3> Cosmetics & personal care products
Packaging and Shipping:
1>1KG/bag, 10KG/carton,25kg/drum
By Express:
Door to door;DHL/FEDEX/EMS;3-4DAYS; Suitable for under 50kg; high cost;easy to pick up the goods
By Air:
Airport to Airport;4-5 days;Suitable for more than 50kg;high cost;professional broker needed
By Sea:
Port to Port;15-30days; Suitable for more than 500kg;Low cost;professional broker needed

1> The safest natural ingredients and solutions provided as well.
2> Plant and select the most natural and nutritional raw materials.
3> 27 researching stuff and 4 manufacturing sites
4> GMP quality management system during the whole production process
5> Produce flexibly for bulk order or a small batch
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