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Buchu Leaf Extract

Main components:Mondial phenol

1.Buchu Leaf is indigenous to South Africa, and then the Dutch colonists learned about this herbal remedy and started using it for muscle pains, cholera, arthritis and kidney stones. Later on the herb gained such popularity that it was employed for a wide range of diseases, and nearly considered a cure-all. This herb can be helpful in congenital heart failure and elevated arterial tension. It has been known to strengthen the urinary system and to ease inflammation of the bladder, reduce bloating and excess water weight, alleviate painful urination, reduce swelling of the prostate, treat incontinence associated with prostate problems, and eliminate uric acid from the kidneys. It also soothes the inflammation of the vagina, sinus, mucous membrane, colon and gums. Buchu Leaf extract has been used to control diabetes and treat digestive disorders. Other uses for this tincture include treating yeast infection and vaginal discharge, which are sometimes mistaken for urinary tract infection. Buchu Leaf extracts also reduce bloating induced by premenstrual syndrome. It has been used to treat cellulite, sprains, wounds, skin problems, coughs, colds and chronic bronchitis.

2.Product Name: Buchu Leaf Extract

Botanical Name:  Barosma buchu Lina L
Part Used: Leaf
Specification: 4:1
CAS No490-03-9
Molecular Formula: C10H16O2
Molecular Weight: 168.2328
Appearance: Light Yellow Powder

1.Function: Buchu oil is widely used in the perfume industry, as well as a component in artificial fruit flavors, alcoholic beverages, frozen dairy desserts, candy, condiments and relishes. The original usage of buchu by the natives of South Africa is somewhat unclear, as the word buchu is a general term in South Africa for aromatic plant. Some have theorized that it may have been applied topically as an insect repellant. The primary action of the herb is antimicrobial.
Urinary tract infections and other disorders of the urinary tract
Prostate disorders
Colds and flu
High blood pressure
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Packaging and Shipping:

1>1KG/bag, 10KG/carton,25kg/drum

2>By Express:

Door to door;DHL/FEDEX/EMS;3-4DAYS; Suitable for under 50kg; high cost;easy to pick up the goods

3>By Air:

Airport to Airport;4-5 days;Suitable for more than 50kg;high cost;professional broker needed

4>By Sea:

Port to Port;15-30days; Suitable for more than 500kg;Low cost;professional broker needed

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