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Latin Name: Semen Armeniacae Amarum P.E
Active ingredient:VB 17
CAS NO: 29883-15-6
Specification:30-98% (HPLC)
Appearance:White powder(Amygdalin 98%)

apricot is a fruit or the tree that bears the fruit of several species in the genus Prunus (stone fruits). Usually, an apricot tree is from the species P. armeniaca, but the species P. brigantina, P. mandshurica, P. mume, and P. sibirica are closely related, have similar fruit, and are also called apricots.
Amygdalin Amygdalin, also known as laevomandelonitrile or laetrile, is isolated from the seeds of the tree Prunus dulcis, also known as bitter almonds. Since the early 1950s, a modified form of amygdalin has been promoted under the names laetrile and “Vitamin B17” as a cancer cure. In reality, neither amygdalin nor any derivative such as laetrile is in any sense a vitamin.

Active Ingredient :VB 17


Common names : Mandelonitrile—β-gentiobioside Amygdalosid
Benzeneacetonitrile,α-(6-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-β-D-glucopyranosyl)oxy:-, (R)-

Structure :
Standard: GMP,Kosher,HALAL,ISO9001,HACCP.

1>Amygdalin is used for vitamin theory
2> Amygdalin can be used for cancer treatment.
3> Amygdalin can diminish inflammation, ease pain.
4> Amygdalin has effect on lowering blood sugar,hypolipidemic.
5> Amygdalin has the function of relieving constipation due to deficiency of blood and fluid.
6>Amygdalin can relieve cough and asthma accompanied by stuffiness in the chest and profuse expectoration.
7>Amygdalin can eliminate of pigmentation, freckles, dark spots, so as to achieve the effect of beauty.

30-98% (HPLC)

1) Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;
2) Functional food as capsules or pills;
3) Water-soluble beverages;
4) Health products as capsules or pills.

Packaging and Shipping:
1>1KG/bag, 10KG/carton,25kg/drum

2>By Express:
Door to door;DHL/FEDEX/EMS;3-4DAYS; Suitable for under 50kg; high cost;easy to pick up the goods
By Air:
Airport to Airport;4-5 days;Suitable for more than 50kg;high cost;professional broker needed
By Sea:
Port to Port;15-30days; Suitable for more than 500kg;Low cost;professional broker needed

1> The safest natural ingredients and solutions provided as well.
2> Plant and select the most natural and nutritional raw materials.
3> 27 researching stuff and 4 manufacturing sites
4> GMP quality management system during the whole production process
5> Produce flexibly for bulk order or a small batch
6> Quickest response and fastest delivery
7> Our products sell to 96500 customers and over 120 countries
8> Professional service from SCIPHAR team’s enthusiasm and vigorous

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