All about the Plantnat Natural Ingredients Inc.


Have you ever heard about Plantnat? Well, the Plantnat is a company that produces plant extracts. They develop natural ingredients from natural plants. This Natural Ingredients and Plant Extracts Manufacturer have over 12 years of experience. They established the Plant Extracts Production, development, and research, sales as a whole.


The Plantnat products are basically solutions or more like medicines that are made of natural ingredients. These are used for beverage, food, personal care, and the nutrition industries. The Plantnat industry has a great partnership with some of the popular domestic institutes that perform research in China. Some of them are the Hunan Agricultural University, the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, the Natural products research center of Hunan Province, and so on. Moreover, it is also a member of the China Plant Extracts Standards Drafting Committee.


Plantnat offers an excellent after sale service, a personalized service, and many others as they work in cooperation with the customers and the suppliers. They also have the after sale service in the USA and Europe. The solutions provided by the Plantnat are creative and innovative as they offer the customer base with Specialist products. Their Global service is one of the most prompt, attentive and comprehensive services due to which all the clients and suppliers enjoy working with them.


Their idea and aim is to cooperate with the world’s enthusiastic people and friends so that they can together advance for the advancement and the development of the Botanical Extracts Industry. The Plantnat also want to progress ahead of the noble ideas of the Internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the Modernization of TCM.


History of Plantnat


In the ancient and the mysterious China, the ancestors have left a lot of spiritual and material heritage. It has a history and civilization of about 5000 years old. Material culture here is the Terracotta Warriors, ceramics, the great wall and so on. While the Spiritual heritage is the famous Sun Wu, who wrote the Book of changes, the Art of War, Compendium of Materia Medica and the dragon’s materia medica standard.


Among all the books, the Compendium of Materia Medica and the dragon’s materia medica standard are the books that discuss the herbal medicine. They are the oldest and the most popular books of the earliest Chinese Herbal medicine books in China.


More about the Beginning of Plantnat


Their journey began in 2000 when they got inspired by the Ji Shou University that was located in the Hu Nan Province that is close to the Wu Ling Mountain. They were the ones who established the biggest part of the Chinese Herbal extraction. It was beneficial and even convenient for them to research about plant extract since the Wu Ling Mountain has a lot of resources there. Later on, in 2004, Mr. Zeng, who was the one in charge of teaching about the principles of the Chinese Herbal Extraction, established a company that was named the Plantnat Natural Ingredients Inc. Another great thing about this industry is that, a lot of the technical staff members are his students.


After the Start of Plantnat


During the year 2005, there were a lot of orders from the Chinese Herbal Medicine Factory that were received by the Plantnat Natural Ingredients Inc. This marked the start of their huge success. By the year 2013, the Plantnat Natural Ingredients had grown into a huge success in the International Business. It had also taken part in various exhibitions that were located in the abroad countries as well as in their local homeland. This helped them get a lot of partners and make good relations with many companies like the Herbalife, Perfect, Nuskin and so on.


The Plantnat Natural Ingredients hopes to grow more and more with their skilled staff and customer support. They insist on proving their clients with the best service and quality in their products, which is also their primary objective. This is because they want to reach the sky and stay at the top till forever. Find out more about the company at, or you can visit the website to purchase any of their products today!