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Analysis of Extraction Methods of Sapindus Active Ingredients (Saponins)

Analysis of Extraction Methods of Sapindus Active Ingredients (Saponins) OBJECTIVE: To establish the best method for the extraction of sapindo saponin, which can be put into industrial production. It requires simple extraction method, low cost and high yield. At present, there are 6 methods of extracting the active ingredient: 1.Ultrafiltration 2.enzymatic 3.Microwave extraction 4.Ultrasonic method 5.bubble separation method 6.Methanol, anhydrous ethanol, water extraction   Extraction method analysis and comparison: Ultrafiltration The saphenous fruit peel washed, dried, crushed, extracted with water three times, combined with water extract, adding chitosan flocculant impurity, the flocculation of water extract after ultrafiltration separation, permeate at 60 ℃ Off-white

The ultrasonic-assisted extraction technology of the bergamot essential oil

The ultrasonic-assisted extraction technology of the bergamot essential oil Abstract: The method of ultrasonic-assisted steam distillation for extraction of essential oil from bergamot was studied by using bergamot as raw material. The optimum technological conditions were as follows: water distillation flow was 1.30 mL / min, ultrasonic power was 180 W, auxiliary working time was 30 min, and steam distillation time was 75 min. Under this condition, the extraction rate of essential oil from bergamot was 0.763%. Key words: Buddha fruit; essential oil; ultrasonic assisted Bergamot (Bergamot) is Rutaceae oranges citrus variants, as evergreen small trees [1]. The bergamot fruit is golden, fleshy and tender, crisp and sweet,

Why do we need to use macleaya cordata extract instead of antibiotic?

1.Macleaya Cordara also called as pink plumpoppy, It is belongs to Poppy Co perennial tall herbs,It has long history in china to be used as treatment of scabies, boil poison and insecticide maggots.The earliest recorded macleaya cordata to the herbal literature is in china .Is a perennial herb, native to China and some Southeast Asian countries. There are 4 natural ingredients in macleaya cordata, they are sanguinarine ,chelerythrine, protopine , a-Allocryptopine and p-Allocrytopine. The main active ingredients are sanguinarine and chelerythrine,they are rich in their fruit. We use Supercritical extraction way to extract the sanguinarine out ,they sanguinarine has

The experiment show honokiol has the neuroprotective effect of in Parkinson ‘s disease mouse

experiment Parkinson disease (PD) is a common middle-aged nervous system disease, the etiology is not clear. And honokiol (HL) is a bioactive substance-containing phenolic hydroxyl group extracted from Magnolia officinalis, which has the effects of scavenging free radicals and protecting nerve cells. The author used the neurotoxin 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MP1rP) to make the model of Parkinson's disease in order to elucidate the protective effect of honokiol on neurons and possible The mechanism of action.  1 Materials and methods 1.1 Experimental material C57BL / 6 male mice 60, weight 20 ~ 25g, by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences Animal Experimental

The cosmetic effect of almond oil

Almond contains vitamins A, B, and E, which are essential to keep the immune system and physical function healthy. Almond in addition to the benefits of internal health, from its extraction of essential oils and cosmetic effects, because it has enhanced skin and moisturizing effect. Dry skin Many anti-wrinkle creams and other beauty products contain almond oil because this ingredient has moisturizing properties. Almond oil vitamins A and E content is high, have nourished the skin and clean the pores, so the prevention and protection of acne are very good. Almond oil also promotes skin cell regeneration and eliminates