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The experiement of natural preservatives used in fired food

The experiement of rosemary extract used in fired peanut, bean biscute and meat Time :2017/9/17 People: I  am megan , today i and my friend ms tang join in this experiment. Process : We will add 0.3% rosemary extract carnosic acid liquid oil 5% in to the fired peanut,  fired bean biscute and fired meat . Purpose: We  want to check out  how many days of the fired food keep fresh with the rosemary extract carnosic acid liquid oil add into the fired oil . Place: Megan's Home 🙂 Material: peannut , bean biscute, meat , salt  and hot pepper

9 kinds of natural food preservative.

9 kinds of natural food preservative Preservatives, especially natural food preservatives, have been in use for thousands of years. According to historical records, human beings have been seeking safe, stable and long-term preservation of food from primitive society. Preservatives used in human history are salt, sugar, vinegar and spices, while modern natural food preservatives are chemical constituents such as benzoates, nitrates, sulfites and sorbic acids. Whether it is food preservatives, or some cosmetics and drug preservatives, the common purpose is to resist those unwanted micro-organisms such as mold, yeast and bacteria. natural food preservatives Dr Liu Who worked in

Where can i buy rosemary extract?

Where to buy rosemary extract ? Where is the factory? There are about 5 manufacturer which produce the rosemary extract in china. They are Plantnat Natural Ingredients Inc,Hai Nan Rosemary extract Natural Ingredients Inc, Jin Bo natural ingredients Biological Technology Co.,Ltd . WuLing Sun herbal extract Co.,Ltd. Plantnat Natural Ingredients Inc has main in this area for 12 years , they have a doctor techology team , have made rosemary extract for many years ,  It can be said that Plantnat Natural Ingredients Inc. is the leader of the rosemary extract industry. there are 3 ingredients which extract from

How to Use Rosemary Essential Oil for beauty care?

What is the rosemary benefits? We have write an article before. There are some magic formula , Please check . To improve the skin: a strong contraction, tightening the skin, to itch. Sweet almond oil 20 ml + rosemary 5 drops + cedar 3 drops + 2 drops of cypress Female care: massage, soothing menstrual pain, improve the problem of menorrhagia. Sweet almond oil 10 ml + grape seed oil 10 ml + rosemary 5 drops + jasmine 3 drops + happy sage 2 drops To improve dandruff: to improve dandruff, germinal. Shampoo 50 ml + rosemary 5 drops +

18 points of Rosemary Oil Benefits

1.Main effect Has a strong convergence effect, conditioning greasy unclean skin, promote blood circulation, stimulate hair regeneration; Reduce skin congestion, edema; Convergence of skin, improve dandruff; Ease pain, diuretic, weight loss; On the gastrointestinal, heart, lung, liver, gallbladder are beneficial; Tonic, lower blood pressure, conditioning anemia; refreshing, refreshing, to restore the central nervous system vitality; For the convergence of the skin after weight loss, so that the skin more compact, flexible.   2.Skin effect Rosemary essential oils have a strong contraction, tightening of the skin, but also reduce the congestion, swelling of the situation; To improve dandruff, stimulate hair

10 Impressive Benefits Of Rosemary extract

Rosmeary extract benefits 10 Impressive Benefits Of Rosemary extract .  read this article need about 5 mins . Rosemary  has another latin name is Rosmarinus officinalis.  There are 2 active ingredeints which extract from rosemary , they are rosemary acid and carnosice acid . This article will show your the top 10 rosemary extract benefits for you . Rosmary extract is a widely distributed polyphenols in nature, is the effective activity ingredients in herbs such as rosemary ,basil and radix salvia Minute. Too much In vivo and in vitro studies have shown that rosmarinic acid has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, immune