Food color

Food color is a very impotant food additve , beautiful food color can improve the products market selling rate. How to choose a good natural food color supplier as food additive is very important thing. We want to use natural food color instead of chemical food color .For it is no harm to our body , but have some benifits to us . Such us lutein is a kind of orange food color , it is has the function of protect our eyes,  and curcumin has the function of anti-oxidant ,red cabbage Extract has the function of anti-cancer,tomato extract is lycopene has the function

What is the best natural costmetics additive for Facial cleanser?

Nowdays,no chemical is in the deep of our mind , in our daily life , we use shampooing and facial cleanser everyday , we want to use them without chemical additive . So what is the best natural ingredeitns additive for facial cleanser and shampooing? Saponin is a kind of active ingredients which extract from soapnut , the soapnut is a plant on the genus sapindus,native to warm temperate to tropical regions in the world. but now it is widely spread in all of the country , you can see it in any where. The soapnuts contain an natural active

Do you know the culture about chinese new year?

China as a 5000 years old history Ancient civilizations, it has all kinds of culture. And one of the most important is the chinese new year , it is called chinese spring festival too . All of chinese will have long holidays for this festival,all of the working man will come back home to celebrate the spring festival with their family and neighbors. It is very important festival to many chinese , some man who work in the factory ,dont have any holidays just the chinese spring festival they will have rest .  So thats the reason why chinese

If rosemary extract can used into cosmetics and skincare area?

Rosemary is a kind of shrub, which native to European . For it is very natural , no toxic , no harm to our body , and very usefull in all kinds of area in our daily life . So in south of china many chinese farmer widly plant it in the moutains and farm. Rosemary extract have 3 active ingredients , they are rosemary acid , ursolic acid and carnosic acid .  They are widely used in food and feed area as natural preservetive and antioxidant additive.  Many people drink the dried leaves as herbal tea . So of course ,for

What is the best and cheapest natural antibiotics feed additive company?

As you know , all of us are realized the natural antibiotics will play a more and more important role in feed additive from now on . But how to find a best and real herbal extract natural antibiotics manufactory . Let us answer to you . There are too many suppliers who sell natural antibiotics macleaya cordata extract .How to choose ? The macleaya cordata factory which produce it is just loaded in Chang Sha City Hu Nan Province China . And Hu Nan Province is the native province for the herbal extract,  So the Primaly , we should


Resveratrol Product introduction 1. Resveratrol is a kind of active ingredients which extract from Polygonum cuspidatum. 2.In 1924 we found it, In 1940 ,the first time isolated fromVeratrum grandiflorum. In 1963 , Has find out it has the funcation of antiinflammation and against cardiovascular disease . In 1973. has detected this compound from Vitis.spp . Found in 1924; We has found this kind of compound including grape, peanut, hellebores, giant knotweed, mulberry and so on. 3. The resveratrol has 2 forms : Trans-Resveratrol, Cis-Resveratrol. And the Trans-Resveratrol is more stable and easily absorbed form of Resveratrol. 3. The resveratrol has