What is the best and cheapest natural antibiotics feed additive company?

As you know , all of us are realized the natural antibiotics will play a more and more important role in feed additive from now on . But how to find a best and real herbal extract natural antibiotics manufactory . Let us answer to you . There are too many suppliers who sell natural antibiotics macleaya cordata extract .How to choose ? The macleaya cordata factory which produce it is just loaded in Chang Sha City Hu Nan Province China . And Hu Nan Province is the native province for the herbal extract,  So the Primaly , we should


Resveratrol Product introduction 1. Resveratrol is a kind of active ingredients which extract from Polygonum cuspidatum. 2.In 1924 we found it, In 1940 ,the first time isolated fromVeratrum grandiflorum. In 1963 , Has find out it has the funcation of antiinflammation and against cardiovascular disease . In 1973. has detected this compound from Vitis.spp . Found in 1924; We has found this kind of compound including grape, peanut, hellebores, giant knotweed, mulberry and so on. 3. The resveratrol has 2 forms : Trans-Resveratrol, Cis-Resveratrol. And the Trans-Resveratrol is more stable and easily absorbed form of Resveratrol. 3. The resveratrol has

Why the herbal natural Ingredients Hu Nan Province is better Than Xi An Province?

China has many books about herbal medicine in the history , the most famouse one is < Ben Cao Gang Mu>  and <Shen Long Ben Cao Jing>. With the development of the natural ingredients  in china  ,Hu Nan Province and Xi An Province is the main province which produce natural ingredients . And have many good factorys . At the same time , market competition  is more and more fierce , So in these years , some natural herbal ingredients small companies Main In Shan Xi Province and Xi An City ,sell the natural ingredients very cheap , lower than

How the herbal extract natural ingredients develop in china so fast?

How the herbal extract natural ingredients develop in china so fast? More and more health products supplier in the world like to import the herbal extract natural ingredients from china . China area territory is very big, have many moutains and highlands, it leads to china has full of plant resources. And the herbal used as medicine in china has a long history , about 5000 years history .  The chemical medicine in china just for about 100 years . And in china , there are many university just study herbal medicine and natural ingredients ,so chinese know and study

Macleaya cordata extract

The EU limit antibiotics used in the feed additive ,If there is anything to instead of feed antibiotics? As you know , Antibiotics act a very important role to improve the Economic Benefits in the Aquaculture. And Over time , The Malpractice of the antibiotics is more and more exposed. It largly limit the sustainable development o f Aquacutlrure. Macleaya cordata Willd.R.Br. Belongs to Poppy , it is a perennial, Large quantity of study has found out , the Macleaya cordata extract has the function of antibacterial, insecticidal kill maggots, improve liver, enhance immunity, anti multiple tumor and so on.

What is the herbal extract ?

Herbal extract is a kind of natural ingredients which extract from herbal , plant or vegatables . It is has 7 steps to get the  herbal natural ingredients, they are dry raw material , smashing raw material , extraction ,concentration, chromatograph, centrifugal , spray drying . The herbal extract very popular in all of the world in these years ,it is most popular in EUR and USA some develpment countrys. Generally Speaking ,  it is a trend to use herbal extract to instead of chemical in all of the world in future. It is widely used in our daily life