European pharmaceutical co., LTD. Has developed a product called Sucontral, this product can be used to balance blood sugar, improve insulin function. Clinical trials have shown that the product can maintain the stable blood sugar, plant extract the body all day improve insulin function, maintain a healthy A1C levels, promote health of carbohydrate metabolism.

The company’s founder, John terry, said Raymond Sucontral D in the use of Europe has a long history, and by the dual recognition, including doctors and pharmacists is a balance of blood sugar medicine. Plant extract Published 13 results can prove that the effect of the drug. In one of the clinical study, participants taking the product after eight weeks, blood sugar level improved by 35%; Eight months later, that number reached a staggering 75%.

The main ingredients of the product from antipyretic horse carlo azeglio ciampi (Hintonia latiflora), plant extract extracted and then in which researchers added vitamins and minerals that can maintain a healthy blood sugar levels, such as nutrients.

Raymond said that many years ago, he had seen in Germany antipyretic carlo azeglio ciampi, but have never seen one in the United States, perhaps in the near future it will enter the American market. Plant extract Because this is a very useful plant, and now people can control the blood sugar ingredient needs are more and more strong.