How the herbal extract natural ingredients develop in china so fast? More and more health products supplier in the world like to import the herbal extract natural ingredients from china . China area territory is very big, have many moutains and highlands, it leads to china has full of plant resources. And the herbal used as medicine in china has a long history , about 5000 years history .  The chemical medicine in china just for about 100 years .

And in china , there are many university just study herbal medicine and natural ingredients ,so chinese know and study natural ingredients more deep than any other countrys .

And the herbal extract natural ingredients  just extract the active ingredients out from the herbal, it is just popular in china in these 20 years, but it is develop very fast and very deeply ,  more and more Doctor study it and has  some research results. Such as : Tu You You .  She has found out Artemisia astaxanthin.

For chinese  has rich of herbal resources , and the employee in china is cheaper than some development countrys, so more and more development countrys import natural ingredients from china .

In china , the natural ingredients factory and techology main in Hu Nan Province Chang Sha City ,  Shan Xi Province  Xi An city . These 2 province is famous in all of the world .

There are a lot of big and famous good natural ingredients factory .

Such as :  Chang Sha Plantnat Natural Ingredients Inc . Which has made natural ingredients for about 12 years . Many of trading companys are buy from them .It is main in roseymary extract , rosemary oil rosemary extract , rosemary acid, marigold extract,zeaxanthin,Cordata extract, Kelp Extract, Stevia Extract,luohanguo extract, Chamomile Extract,green coffee bean extract , Crowthorne acid,maca extract , Aloe extract,Epimedium extract,Garlic extract and so on!

Hu Nan Jiu Hui herbal medicine Inc . Hu Nan Jin Nong Inc Are in this area for many years too.