Macleaya cordata is a  kind 100% natural feed antibiotics , it is a  kind of very good feed additive , it is a natural feed antibiotics . Very popular in feed additive , we are biggest and professional factory who produce Macleaya cordata for about 12 years

Macleaya cordata is a bloodroot has a thousand year history of medicinal usage in China. It has 13 kinds of alkaloids and other compounds such as sanguinarine, toddaline, protopine, aallocryptopine, bocconine, rhizoma coptidis alkali, berberine, samin alkali and protopine are in the root and aerial parts.  Our product, Macleaya cordata extract mainly constains with sanguinarine and chelerythrine. It was been show to be reversible inhibitors of the enzymatic hydrolysis of acetylthiocholine.

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Macleaya cordata

Macleaya cordata