As you know , all of us are realized the natural antibiotics will play a more and more important role in feed additive from now on .

But how to find a best and real herbal extract natural antibiotics manufactory . Let us answer to you .

There are too many suppliers who sell natural antibiotics macleaya cordata extract .How to choose ?

  1. The macleaya cordata factory which produce it is just loaded in Chang Sha City Hu Nan Province China . And Hu Nan Province is the native province for the herbal extract,  So the Primaly , we should check if the address of the company load in Chang Sha City Hu Nan Province or not .
  2. The macleaya cordata extract is a proffesional products , we should check if there website has a proffessional knowledgeor article with this macleaya cordata extract .
  3. The real macleaya cordata extract wont be very cheap . If the price who offer to u is lower than market too much . It is must be fake .

Plantnat is a manufactory which has made natural antibiotics macleaya cordata extract for more than 12 years , they have 3 doctors just investigated this products .These are just 2 factorys in china which produce natural antibiotics feed additive , Plantnat is one of the manufactory .