Basic Information:

Jianghua Hu Nan province  has a big plangting base of Magnolia, with an annual output of 500 tons of Magnolia bark raw materials. In general,We can peel the Magnolia bark which age is more than 20 years , should in April-August when they grow fast. Cut down the trees  then peel bark, Just dry it in the room. Magnolia is a well-known Chinese and foreign medicine which has a big export volume, known as one of the three major medicinal herbs, also one of the national plan management of musk, licorice, Eucommia, Magnolia four important medicinal herbs.

Magnolia planting base1

Magnolia has a widly applicated, there are five main aspects:

  1. Used as a medicinal, commonly used in proprietary Chinese medicines, new plants, etc., with the function of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, soothe the nerves, ease the symptoms of depression, treatment of acute gastroenteritis and other effects. Currently  there are more than 200 Chinese medicine formulas has the raw material of magnolia, Such as Huoxiangzhengqi pills and Huoxiangzhengqi water .
  2. Used for health food industry, has the function to protect the liver, anti-depression, improve sleep, protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.
  3. Used  as cosmetics additive, cosmetic products, protect the skin, eliminate itching, treatment of skin diseases; for toothpaste, mouthwash.

4.veterinary drugs, Magnolia official nalis active ingredients have a strong antioxidant effect, used as feed additives, can feed the vitamins and some active substances play a protective role, thereby enhancing the overall nutritional value of feed.

  1. Used in food area, used as chewing gum raw material and so on   .


Market and Prospect:

The market demand of Magnolia in the international is increasing all the time, the United States has made chewing gum with Magnolia extract and stevioside,for magnolia extract can inhibit the role of bacteria in the mouth.So  as food additives it  will be recognized and used in more and more countries. In addition, for  magnolia extract has strongly sterilization effect,some big foreign companies have developed and large-scale use magnolia extract  in skin care and  cosmetics.


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