The EU limit antibiotics used in the feed additive ,If there is anything to instead of feed antibiotics?

As you know , Antibiotics act a very important role to improve the Economic Benefits in the Aquaculture. And Over time , The Malpractice of the antibiotics is more and more exposed. It largly limit the sustainable development o f Aquacutlrure.

Macleaya cordata Willd.R.Br. Belongs to Poppy , it is a perennial, Large quantity of study has found out , the Macleaya cordata extract has the function of antibacterial, insecticidal kill maggots, improve liver, enhance immunity, anti multiple tumor and so on. In recently , With the issue of antibiotics , Macleaya cordate extract use as antibiotics in feed addtive eara is the hottest topic in all of the wordl.

Macleaya cordata belongs to Poppy, it is a big herbal plant , Which is native to China , the moutain which low than 2000 meter is suitable for Macleaya cordata to grow well . It grows all of the chinese low moutains.

Macleaya cordata fuirt and all plant has big content of lkaloids, , Can extract 5 natural ingredients from its fruit : sanguinarine , ,Chelerythine,Protopine, ,α-allocryptopine, β- allocryptopine, Conversion in ethoxy sanguinarine, Ethoxysanguinarine and Ethixychelerythrine.

In Cordata roots,Can extract a few natural ingredients too , they are Ethoxychelerythrine, Chelilutine, Bocconiue, Chelirubine, protopine, α- allocryptopine, coptisine, berberine fluvoxamine base (Corysamine) base and A-, B- base, C- base and cordata rfoot base (Bocconine), Dehyydrociconthifoline, Dihydrosanguinaine and so on ,These alkaloids are isoquinoline derivatives, having a variety of pharmacological effects and application .

A lot of investigated showed that the Macleaya data extract have these functions:


2. Insecticidal effect

3. killing maggot role

4.Improve liver function, strengthen the immune system

5.Anti-tumor effect.

6.Promoting the animals grows , Sanguinarine stimulate saliva secretion, and a diuretic, peripheral anti-adrenergic sympathetic role in the solution (Federico Bianco et al., 2006). , Increased feeding intake of animals. Another ingredients of macleaya cordata is QBA, play a role in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which reduces the rate of diarrhea in weaned piglets protect gut health, animal performance can be a major improvement.

So the macleaya is widly used in feed additive to instead of antibiotics.

Safe advice:

For the pig ,5mg/kg body weight . For the chicken ,37.5mg/kg body weight .

More and more investigated shows, Macleaya cordata has a big market in the future , it is can instead of antibiotics , it is a natural safe antibiotics . Animal eat it , it can keep health and metabolism in it is body . If human eat the meat , no harm to us . So it is a trends to use Macleaya cordata to instead of antibiotics in feed eara .