Herbal extract is a kind of natural ingredients which extract from herbal , plant or vegatables . It is has 7 steps to get the  herbal natural ingredients, they are dry raw material , smashing raw material , extraction ,concentration, chromatograph, centrifugal , spray drying .

The herbal extract very popular in all of the world in these years ,it is most popular in EUR and USA some develpment countrys. Generally Speaking ,  it is a trend to use herbal extract to instead of chemical in all of the world in future. It is widely used in our daily life .

Such as:

  1. Rosemary extract is widely used as natural preservative in the food area and cosmetics area , it is 100% natural ,and health , for it wont hurt our body health , and have a good effect , it will be have bigger and bigger market in the world .
  2. Lutein is a kind of natural ingredient which extract from marigold ,  it is a kind of food color , can use in food area , it is good for people eyes . 2%-5% Lutein is always used in feed eara , it is a kind of feed additive , it is very popular in Mexico market , it can color for the animals ,such as eggs and salmon.
  3. It have many other natural food color use in food eara to color food ,such as , curcumin yellow which extract turmeric , lycopene red extract from tomato , gardenia blue extract from gardenia , gardenia yellow extract from gardenia, chorophyllin extract from spinach.  All of them are 100% natural , no harm to our body .
  4. Amygdalin is extract from Bitter almonds, a lot of investigativeshows it is has the function to anticancer , it is widely used in the medicine to anticancer. It is a kind of natural ingredients which always add to health products .
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