China has many books about herbal medicine in the history , the most famouse one is < Ben Cao Gang Mu>  and <Shen Long Ben Cao Jing>.

With the development of the natural ingredients  in china  ,Hu Nan Province and Xi An Province is the main province which produce natural ingredients . And have many good factorys .

At the same time , market competition  is more and more fierce , So in these years , some natural herbal ingredients small companies Main In Shan Xi Province and Xi An City ,sell the natural ingredients very cheap , lower than market price , many importers has the questions , is it real natural ingredients , not fake ?    Yes , it is fake. Many techology from Hu Nan want to know why they are so cheap , so they buy them back to study , they find , it is fake .   How they do it ? At first , they give the real sample to the customers . When they ask big quantity , they will get the synthesis products to customer , but when we test , it is the same as orignal. In china , we are take very attention of it .

In Hu Nan Province , there is no one make it , so that is the reason why Some company In Hu Nan is more expensive than Xi An province .

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