Gardenia Yellow

Common name:gardenia

Drug name: gardenia

English name: Cape Jasmine Fruit

“Alias” yellow gardenia, branches, red mast.

Original for rubiaceae plant mast Gardenia jasminoides Ellis.

“Plant” evergreen shrubs, up to 2 m. Leaves opposite or 3 impeller, leaves leathery, oblong or ovoid, lanceolate, 5 ~ 14 cm long, 2 ~ 7 cm wide, margin entire; Stipule 2 slices, usually surrounded by synthetic tubular branchlets. Flowers solitary in terminal or axillary, white, fragrant; Calyx green, cylinder; Corolla high disk lobes 5 or more; Ovary inferior. Flowering from may to July, fruiting 8 ~ 11 months. Most regions of the country has a culture. There are wild in most parts of southern China, was born in slope, along the road. Distributed in jiangxi, hunan, zhejiang, fujian, sichuan.

collected:  In Sep.-Nov. when harvest time ,  mature fruit  show red and yellow

Containing chemical composition:

Geniposide,gardenoside, shanzhiside,  gardoside, geriposidic acid,gardenin, saffron – Ⅰ crocin 1, cro – cetin

Sexual flavour

The effect of gardenia and function:

Purging fire except vexed, clear heat diuretic, cooling blood detoxification. For annoying fever, jaundice urine red blood, blood spray acerbity pain, hot non-traumatic vomit, jie sore, fire and poisonous ulcers, sprain.

Gardenia sexual flavour ,bitter taste.



Gardenia  Yellow  can be used as food clor , it is widly used in instant rice & flour products, frozen drinks(edible ice excluded) , cakes, preserved fruits,jelly, puffed food,canned nuts & seeds, imitation wine, fried nuts and seeds, fresh-wet pastas and noodles and like products, fresh dried pastas and noodles and like products, fillings for cereal products, cocoa products, chocolates and chocolate products, fruitflavoured beverages, beverages of fruit and vegetable juice (pulp) ,salted vegetable, biscuit, fillings for bakery wares, cooked meat (poultry) ,seasonings, solid beverages.