It is understood that Canada currently approved by the official named clean label list of emulsifier composition has a lot. Nevertheless, recent health Canada announced soap bark plant extract (Q – Naturale) can be used as an emulsifier. This type 2 soap bark plant extract from the United States should be Ryan (Ingredion), was approved as a kind of clean emulsifier used in non-standard oily flavor agents, oily color recipe, as well as other non-standard oil for use in the food and beverage ingredients.
According to appropriate Ryan, for the soap bark plant extract, one of the biggest opportunities in Canada market is to be a natural clean gum Arabic label instead. Its suitable for drink, chewing gum, snack food, spice concentrate, meat, sauce, soup, and so on. In addition, this kind of soap bark extract used as emulsifier, oil also allows a high load, the clear drinks and alcoholic beverages can produce a certain clarity visual effect.
Ingredion Dana diaz said, senior marketing manager for the approval to the Q – Naturale soap bark plant extract emulsifier the unique benefits of promotion to the market outside of the United States and Europe. Companies eager to show customers in Canada the clean label emulsifier excellent emulsifying ability.
According to the small make up to know, in this was approved by health Canada as an emulsifier, it only can be used as a beverage of foaming and stabilizing agent.