Cinnamon cinnamon, cinnamon soil, soil laurel, cinnamon mountains, mountain cinnamon, as Lauraceae Tianzhu Guangxi, Sichuan and Guangxi burmannii bark. Cinnamon can also edible medicine, has double the value of medicinal and edible. Cinnamon in life are more common and common, we do have a cooking with spices cinnamon. Not only to the cinnamon flavor dishes, and there are many benefits to the human body, then what is the effect and role of cinnamon? Cinnamon role and effectiveness of what?
The efficacy and role of cinnamon

First, the aphrodisiac powers

Cinnamon has the effect of kidney yang. Chills can be used for kidney deficiency of limbs, lassitude Leng Tong and other diseases, have a good effect.

Second, the effect of relieving

Cinnamon has the effect of relieving. Epigastric Leng Tong, spleen and stomach can be used, as well as abdominal pain, diarrhea and other evidence of treatment.

Third, the role of promoting blood circulation Lee

Cinnamon with blood Tongli role. Cinnamon Tom Lee blood, commonly used in chronic illness in frail, deficiency of blood were less maternal postoperative recovery, due to dysmenorrhea winter palace, menstrual disorders, etc. have significant therapeutic effect. So cinnamon female friend medicine.

Fourth, the role of pain and cold

Cinnamon to warm blood, pain and cold for Hanning qi stagnation caused by dysmenorrhea, limb pain.

Fifth, the antitussive effect

Cinnamon has a function of treating cough. After cinnamon oil absorption expelled by the lungs, mucus dilution, showing antitussive and expectorant action.

Sixth, prevention and treatment of diabetes

Cinnamon can effectively prevent diabetes. Cinnamon contains can activate cells ability to respond to insulin, greatly accelerated glucose metabolism. Adding some cinnamon may be effective in preventing diabetes in our diet.

Seven, anti-ulcer effect

Cinnamon has anti-ulcer effect. Cinnamon aqueous extract by intraperitoneal injection to prevent stress ulcers in rats, oral or intraperitoneal injection also inhibited rat gastric ulcer caused by serotonin.

Eight, lower blood pressure

Cinnamon a certain hypotensive effect. Aconite, cinnamon Compound on rat adrenal hypertension antihypertensive effect; no effect on renal hypertensive rats.

Nine, sedation

Cinnamon has a work sedative. Cinnamon contains cinnamic aldehyde in mice has obvious sedation, mice in stimulation or intraperitoneal injection pressure tail observed writhing movements proved that it has analgesic effect.

Ten, sterilization

Cinnamon oil has a strong bactericidal effect on Gram-positive bacteria better than negative ones, because of irritation, rarely used as antimicrobial agents, but topical treat stomach pain, flatulence, cramps.

These are the efficacy and role of cinnamon, we are now on the role and effectiveness of cinnamon have some understanding of it. Cinnamon is also very common in life, is a Chinese herbal medicine, medicine for some diseases of the body has a therapeutic effect. Cinnamon consumption side is generally use seasoning to taste, loved by the people.

Note: cinnamon and a lot of good, but also has its taboo aspect. For example wang, there is excess heat, blood heat Wang Xing bleeding and pregnant women need to disable cinnamon. Also cinnamon and should not be used with halloysite.