Achyranthes also called bai bei , radix achyranthis bidentatae, chicken bone glue and so on, for amaranthaceae plants cow root cane. In cultured with multiple varieties, radix achyranthis bidentatae, radix cyathulae, cultured, and so on, but its origin is different, there are plant extract differences in efficacy.
Achyranthes has very high medicinal value, is widely applied in medical field, has the very good curative effect for some of the body disease, then we do it today to understand the knowledge about twotooth achyranthes root, plant extract what is the effect of achyranthes and function? Function and effect of achyranthes have?
Achyranthes flat, taste bitter, acid. plant extract With kidney, strong bones and muscles, blood stasis menstruation and blood downward effect and so on. Used for the waist knee soreness, bones and muscles weakness, amenorrhea, liver Yang dizziness, etc. Attending waist and knee pain, lower limb weakness, blood hysteresis amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain and blood stasis, remove lump, afterbirth not bottom, hot shower, blood spray, injuries, evil sore carbuncle swollen, sore throats.
There are the achyranthes function
1>Removing blood stasis
Achyranthes has invigorate the circulation of menstruation and remove stasis analgesic effect and so on, reason often used for blood hysteresis amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menstruation to be not moved, postpartum abdominal pain stasis, remove lump and injuries such as blood stasis grinds to pass. For &experience of blood stasis, disease of department of gynaecology,plant extract often and live flowers, peach kernel, angelica, yanhusuo, such as medicine with use, can invigorate the circulation of regulate the menstrual function, and can remove stasis therapy.
2> Diuretic laxative
Diuresis of effects of achyranthes, plant extract used in urination, shower drain acerbity pain, bloody urine, such as disease, has the very good curative effect.
3> Cold blood bleeding
Cold blood hemostasis effect,plant extract often used for blood heat: while vomiting blood, nosebleed, and gardenia, cogongrass rhizome, field thistle, such as compatibility, to strengthen the work of the cool blood bleeding.
4> The role of physical kidney
Have the function of the kidney and strengthening the, often use it to kidney, strong bones and muscles. With eucommia bark, radix dipsaci, mulberry parasitism compatibility,plant extract to enhance kidney strong bones and muscles. Is the Gospel of male friends.
5> Anti-aging effect
Achyranthes can increase the activity plant extract of SOD in whole blood, reduce serum LPO content, have anti-aging effect. Achyranthes effective components molting sterone and achyranthes decoction or alcohol extract has certain anti-aging effect. Is health care to keep the good parts of youth.
6> The intestinal canal
Choose rabbit, male and female combination, duodenum, jejunum and ileum respectively, when every 3-4 cm, according to smooth muscle routine experimental method. With 16 rabbits, 56 insufflate, give alcohol extract, excite the bowel, tension increased, strengthen the contraction force, change after fluid can recover soon.plant extract
7> Anti-inflammatory analgesic action
In cultured on the swelling of the ear croton oil has obvious inhibitory effect, and function as the dose increased.plant extract
Above is the small make up to introduce the relevant knowledge about the effect of achyranthes and function, but we also want to distinguish when to use in cultured species, because of its role and has a certain difference in efficacy, so everyone must know first.
Matters needing attention in cultured: achyranthes is a kind of medicine, although benefit very much,plant extract but we also need to pay attention to some aspects in and use it every time. Such as pregnant women and, after the bulls can’t use in cultured; Gas shortage, self-interest of urine, disable twotooth achyranthes root; Amenorrhea, suspected Shen zhewu twotooth achyranthes root; Flooding not only avoid twotooth achyranthes root; If diarrhea leg knee ache is unfavorable use achyranthes pixu (spleen deficient).