Plantnat is a plant extrat manufactory. We make natural ingredients.

Plantnat Co,.ltd– A Plant Extracts and Natural Ingredients manufacturer with 12 years  experience. We set Plant extracts production, research and development, sales as a whole

Plantnat Products -Natural Ingredients application solutions Innovator for Nutrition, Food& Beverage, and Personal Care industries. A member of China Plant Extracts Standards Drafting Committee.

Plantnat -has a closely technical cooperation with famous domestic research institutions such as Hunan University of Chinese Medicine ,Hunan Agricultural University ,Natural products research center of Hunan Province, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine etc.

Plantnat– work in Partnership with suppliers and customers,We give a Personal service, very good after sell service , we have after service office in EUR and the USA We provide Specialist products We offer Innovative & Creative solutions Our Global Service is comprehensive, prompt and attentive.

We sincerely hope to be able to cooperate with the nationwide and the world’s aspiring friends .
Let’s advance bravely for the Development& Advancement of Botanical Extracts Industry and forge ahead for the great ideas of “ Modernization of TCM ” & “Internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) ”

Plantnat History

Mysterious and ancient China, with 5,000 years of history and civilization, Ancestors left us a lot of material heritage and spiritual heritage. About the material heritage, such as a great wall, Terracotta Warriors, ceramics and so on. About the spiritual heritage, the most famous are Sun Wu wrote the Art of War, The book of changes. The dragon’s materia medica standard and Compendium of Materia Medica.

Among of them, The dragon’s materia medica standard and Compendium of Materia Medica are the books about herbal medicine, they are the most famous and the earliest Chinese herbal medicine books in china.

Plantnat- history

In 221 B.C.

In the 1950s

In 1963

In 2000

In 2004

In 2005

In 2013

In 2016

Chinese on began to realize, acquisition

as medicinal Salvia time axis 1.

Many Chinese medicine university has founded.

Which focus on study Chinese herbal medicine.

Publication of the people’s Republic of China


Ji Shou University which loaded in Hu Nan Province

near Wu Ling Moutain has founded the major of the

Chinese herbal extraction. The Wu Ling Moutain has

plenty of plant resources, it is convenient for we to


Mr. Zeng Who teach the major of Chinese herbal

extraction has founded the Company Named

Plantnat Natural Ingredients Inc. And most of the

Technical staff are his students.

Plantnat Natural Ingredients has received many

orders from Chinese herbal medicine factory. Such

as Er Kang, Yue-Hui and Ji-Lu.

Plantnat Natural Ingredients has Built the

international business and Participated in several

exhibitions at home and abroad. And get more and

more partner from all of the worlds, such as


Plantnat Natural Ingredients will develop more and

more fast with under our customer and staff support,

and Plantnat will insist on give customer top quality

and best service as our work ‘s top aim for ever. We

hope you will cooperate with us to win the market

together soon.

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